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Richard Henfrey

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Henfrey recently concluded 10 years’ experience on the executive team of major publicly listed vitamin supplements business Blackmores, culminating in his appointment as CEO.

Mr Henfrey drove major change at Blackmores, particularly the significant move to become a manufacturer for the first time in the company’s history, and he oversaw the doubling of Blackmores supply chain capacity to meet extraordinary and sudden demand from China. His successful implementation of this strategy contributed to Blackmores’ net profit after tax for the 2016 financial year increasing by 115 per cent.

He has also worked in a managerial capacity at another prominent Australian business, Telstra, where he led a national specialist sales team of 160 sales professionals. He started his professional career in the UK telco industry.

Mr Henfrey has notably served as Board President of peak industry body Complementary Medicines Australia, and is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, holding a Master of Arts degree in Natural Sciences, specialising in genetics and molecular/cell biology.

Alistair Stevens2

Alistair Stevens

Chief Financial Officer

Mr Stevens joined Quintis from ThinkSmart Limited, where he held the role of CFO and Company Secretary.  Prior to ThinkSmart, Mr Stevens served as Deputy CFO of BSkyB plc, one of the top 30 companies in the UK by market capitalisation.  In addition to his role as Deputy CFO of BSkyB plc, Mr Stevens sat on the Board of Directors of several UK companies and brings that extensive experience to this role.

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Johan Nortier

Head of Production

Mr Nortier holds an N4 Engineering South Africa Technical College Certificate in Management Higher Diploma. He has a mechanical trade and extensive experience in production and plant management. Mr Nortier has more than 10 years' experience in the timber industry managing a Particle and MDF board plant where he oversaw the day to day running of the plant and the harvesting operations. He has managed a vast variety of projects from turn key to self-designed and implemented.

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Steve Hindley

General Manager Forestry

Mr Hindley has a Bachelor of Forestry Science from the University of Canterbury and Executive MBA from the Massey University, Wellington. Mr Hindley was previously the General Manager - Tasman Pine Forests Ltd (a Sumitomo Forestry Co subsidiary) which manages a forest estate of approximately 36,200 hectares. In that role he was involved in establishing the management and operating systems as well as the supervision and management of the entire plantation estate. During his career Mr Hindley has worked in various roles in New Zealand, Ecuador, Singapore and Japan spanning forestry management and end markets. Mr Hindley is a member of the Institute of Forestry in New Zealand and the Institute of Foresters in Australia.

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