The next chapter

We are the trusted guardian of pure breed Sandalwood Album.

Quintis has created the world's leading sustainable supply of the ancient Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) species. Through nurturing and invention, we have created a wellbeing super-ingredient: the world's purest and most potent Sandalwood Album.

With authentic DNA-verified seeds from the Mysore region in India, we replenished an endangered species by growing the noble trees in Australia’s tropical north. Under our care for nearly two decades, Quintis has 5.4 million Sandalwood Album trees covering 12,912 hectares.

Together with our partners, we are reawakening the world to the potential of this super-ingredient.

Path to success

In less than two decades we've grown to become a world leader in sandalwood production and an ASX 300 company. Since the beginning we've invested in research and development from forestry and distillation through to market development in the pharmaceutical space. This innovation has been the driver of our success. These are just some of our milestones.


First trials begin

Western Australia's Forest Department first began trials to grow Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) in plantations Kununurra's Ord River Irrigation Area


TFS Co-founded

Frank Wilson learned about Indian Sandalwood in plantation; seeing the potential he co-founded TFS


Seeds Planted

We started our first plantings in the Ord Irrigation Area in Kununurra, Western Australia with the forester who had pioneered the early government research


We are listed

TFS - now Quintis - listed on the Australian Stock Exchange


Kingston Rest

We bought the Kingston Rest property, a key location for our expansion


Processing facility acquired

We acquired Mount Romance - the world's largest distiller of Sandalwood oil - facility, offering an onsite laboratory with advanced processing techniques to distil Sandalwood Album oil


Forbes best under a billion

TFS was featured in Forbes ‘Best under a billion Asia Pacific’ list and we began working with bio-medical researchers in the US to develop pharmaceutical uses for East Indian sandalwood oil


Santalis Pharmaceuticals

We had major advancements in research and development across our operations: from forestry through to distillation We created Santalis Pharmaceuticals Inc, a 50% joint venture company to work on the research and product development of Sandalwood Album oil as a therapeutic ingredient


National Expansion

We expanded nationally and established plantations in Queensland and the Northern Territory


First Distillation

We produced and sold our first distillations of Indian sandalwood oil from Quintis-grown trees


First Commercial Harvest

We completed our first commercial harvest of Sandalwood Album Through our 50% joint venture company Santalis Pharmaceuticals Inc., we signed a product licensing and supply agreement with Galderma a world leading global dermatology company Quintis (then TFS) joined the ASX300



We rebranded to Quintis from TFS Corporation, reflecting our renewed operational focus on establishing a global brand sourced from a super-ingredient.

Quintis Sandalwood Album