Quintis Indian sandalwood plantations provide the sophisticated investor with direct ownership of Indian Sandalwood tree plantations providing diversification from traditional asset classes.

​Plantation management is delivered by the experienced Quintis team whose aim it is to provide investors with industry-leading growth, yields and returns. Our vertically integrated business model covers all aspects of the value chain, including cultivation, harvesting, processing and end-product distribution. An investment in our HNW Projects allow you to take advantage of our position as the world’s largest grower of Indian sandalwood and gain access to high-value markets. ​

​Quintis currently manages over 1,300 hectares of plantation Indian sandalwood on behalf of approximately 100 Sophisticated investors.​

​If you are an HNW/Sophisticated investor and require information regarding your investment, please contact us at info@quintis.com.au or phone: +61 8 6458 4700.