A Popular Choice

Sandalwood oil is a popular essential due to the variety of therapeutic benefits it offers and is typically used in a diffuser, burnt as incense or applied topically to the skin. Studies show that the alpha santalol in sandalwood oil calms the nervous system. Common markers of a stimulated nervous system include eye blink rate, pulse rate and systolic blood pressure, all of which are significantly reduced when sandalwood is absorbed through skin application.1 


The oil can be used with an accompanying carrier oil or blended with other essential oils. Its sweet fragrance pairs well with the likes of lavender and geranium. 

Inhale. Relax.

Inhaling Santalum album oil has been shown to reduce anxiety in a similar way to anti-anxiety medication. Due to high solubility levels, sandalwood’s fragrance molecules can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and interact with receptor types in the brain such as GABA (said to reduce anxiety), stimulating the body’s parasympathetic (or ‘rest and digest’) response.1


More ways to use sandalwood

Specialising in Indian and Australian sandalwood oil, Quintis is the world’s largest supplier of this unique ingredient. Certified natural, our steam distilled oils can be customised to suit your individual requirements. Our oils are used in a variety of ways and across many industries. Discover other applications of our oils below.