The Scent of Quintis

Quintis Indian sandalwood oil delivers a striking woody base note, and acts as a fixative, to ensure the longevity of perfume on the skin. It contains the highest levels of beta santalol compared to other species of sandalwood, the compound believed to be the powerhouse behind Indian sandalwood’s fragrant properties. So desirable is the woody sandalwood aroma that, in a nod to its royal pedigree, one of the world’s most renowned perfumers is famous for saying that “Indian Sandalwood is the king of all woods, as rose is the queen of all flowers”.

Nearly 50% of all perfumes created since 1790 contain sandalwood notes that include the following:

Top note: Sweet, nutty and diffuse

Heart note: Lactonic, slight hay, woody, sweet

Base note: Woody, slightly spicy

Australian Sandalwood

Australian Sandalwood also possesses the woody aroma that is so synonymous with sandalwood. Less heady than its Indian counterpart, it contains an herbal fresh lift in the top note. Quintis distils a high quality, organic Australian sandalwood oil popular for use in fragrances. We procure sustainably harvested Australian sandalwood from the West Australian Forest Products Commission, ensuring ethical practices are a part of the entire lifecycle of this wonderful species.

"Indian sandalwood is the king of all woods, as rose is the queen of all flowers"

Master Perfumer

A History of Sandalwood Fragrances

Natural Beauty

The essence and distinctive scent of natural sandalwood cannot be replicated; nothing artificial can ever replace nature’s creation. Nor can the efficacy and benefits of our natural sandalwood oil products. At Quintis, our oil products are complex compositions which include over 125 compounds. We do not genetically modify or manipulate and of our products ensuring they are 100% natural.

Setting a new

Quintis has established an odour panel, collaborating with internationally renowned ‘noses’ within the fragrance industry to set a new olfactory benchmark for Indian Sandalwood. The collective experience of the panel is impressive, with its members having created fragrances for brands such as Givenchy, Versace, Lagerfeld and Cartier. The aim is to ensure the traditional woody, milky, creamy notes Indian Sandalwood is known for, whilst embracing the unique characteristics afforded to it by its Australian birthplace.


Fragrances in other industries

Our Indian and Australian sandalwood oils are used in many fine fragrances but also have use in aromatherapy, flavour and cosmetics. Learn more about our oils or discover our other products and find out how they can be used across different industries.