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Sovereign Wisdom: Indigenous Plant Medicine

Australia, home to over 24,000 species of native plants and understood by Aboriginal peoples and their incredible knowledge of native flora and fauna. This knowledge, passed down through story and learnings, has informed many traditional medicine practices of Aboriginal peoples, some of which has transcended into modern uses. Find out how Traditional Owner, Carol Pettersen, grew up learning about the uses of the land and how to treat many common ailments with natural remedies, and why tradition is crucial for the future.

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The Functional Beauty of Sandalwood

As an inimitable scent used for centuries, natural sandalwood is more than just a pretty smell. Though its scent is a main selling point in fragranced products, its powerful role as an active beauty ingredient is only scratching the surface of what it can truly offer as a single ingredient, or as a complement to other skincare ingredients. Find out how sandalwood is bridging the gap between 'trend' and 'function', to bring a new meaning to 'functional fragrance'.

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An Ageless Beauty Ingredient

The term “ageless” has been on product labels for a while now, replacing ageist descriptions such as “anti-aging,” “youth,” and even “restorative.” It’s inevitable: our skin is going to change as we get older. Ageless beauty is about choosing products with ingredients that offer us the best benefits at every age, and as the rise of social media reflects the importance of these trends, we start to understand how sandalwood - and its benefits - intersects the beauty sphere.

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Natural, Simple and Responsible

It’s safe to say naturals are the original muse of the fragrance industry—and the muse for synthetics. Without naturals, we would be unable to synthesize botanicals to formulate into commercial products we use every day. Synthetics certainly have their place in fragrance and cosmetics, but when it comes to the clean beauty and wellness industries, naturals reign supreme. Find out how naturals will never be replaced by synthetics, as written by Deniz Ataman.

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