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Our Masters

Our difference begins with our people – experts who understand this ancient ingredient and provide our customers with products exceeding their expectations.

Our Masters

Meet some of the people at Quintis who are helping to produce the world's most reliable supply of natural, ethical and sustainable Indian sandalwood. Our experts are Masters of their craft, pioneers in their field of expertise, and unrelenting in their ongoing research to understand how to work with this beautiful natural product.

Our Masters include sandalwood experts ranging from agronomists and foresters, through to chemists and entomologists. Find out more about our team.

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Andrew Brown

BSc (Organic Chemistry and Pharmacology), MBA
Head of Research & Development

For over 28 years, Andrew – known to us as 'AB' – has worked in the distillation of sandalwood. His diverse experience spans the health and beauty, pharmaceutical and brewing industries, making him ideal for our Head of Research and Development role. He often takes our internal teams through 'Oil Odour Mapping' workshops, and is pivotal in our ongoing quest to understand this complex ingredient.

AB conducts internal studies and works with our Product Manager, Danny, to develop unique combinations to test. He holds a Bachelor in Organic Chemistry & Pharmacology, as well as a Master of Business Administration.

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Dr Dhanushka (Danny) Hettiarachchi

PhD, B. Pharmaceutical Sciences
Product Manager

Danny is a natural products chemist specialising in essential oils and plant lipids with over 15 years of experience in the sandalwood industry. Known affectionately to us as 'Dr. Danny', he is responsible for the development of Quintis products and research into the applications of our incredible products. He serves as the expert witness on sandalwood for the State of Western Australia. Danny is also an adjunct academic at Edith Cowan University, University of Western Australia and Sri Jayewardenepura University.

He holds Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacognosy) degrees from Curtin University Australia, a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Sri Ramachandra University, India and is a Chartered Chemist of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. He is a member of the Technical Committee of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists and the International Organization for Standardization’s Committee on Essential Oils.


Karen Condon

Associate Degree; Applied Biology (UK)
Quality Assurance Manager

For the past six years, Karen has implemented manufacturing quality control systems across the Quintis business. Starting her career in the United Kingdom, she has experience in manufacturing, laboratory management and quality assurance through many years of working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors. Her role sees her managing the QC laboratory, and ensuring Quintis' custom built, 60,000sqm facility meets quality requirements for the manufacture of fragrance, flavour and pharmaceutical grade sandalwood oil.


Judie Barrow

BSc. (Hons) Dip. Env. Sc.
Supply Assurance Manager

Since 2004, Judie has worked with sandalwood, making her an expert in the production and quality of sandalwood oil. Judie has contributed to significant improvements in procedures across the Quintis business, advancing quality, yield and production schedules for our sandalwood.

She holds a Bachelor of Science, Honours, from Sydney University and has worked as a geologist involved in production and quality control for several leading mining companies.

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Johan Nortier 

Head of Production

You will rarely find Johan in one location as he travels the country managing all things production at Quintis. After 10 years in the timber industry, Johan joined Quintis nearly 20 years ago, significantly influencing our processing and production outputs. He is responsible for the development and implementation of our custom-designed equipment ranging from processing and harvesting machinery.

Ken Robson


BSc. Biology
Leader - Forestry Research & Development

Approaching his 10-year anniversary with Quintis, Ken is no stranger to sandalwood. With his extensive experience in forestry research, Ken heads up our research and development team on-site at our plantations across Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. He leads our unique tree breeding program, and with Ken's expertise, we now grow trees with up to 18% greater heartwood yields. He also specialises in plantation irrigation, agroforestry, tree improvement and tropical forestry, helping Quintis improve its activities in sustainability and quality product development.

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Steve Hindley

B. Forestry Science, MBA
General Manager – Forestry

With experience spanning the globe from Ecuador to New Zealand, Singapore and Japan, Steve has managed some of the world's largest plantations. Today, he is responsible for the world's largest Indian sandalwood plantation at Quintis. Steve oversees everything to do with our plantation activities from systems through to management, and coordinates general activities across Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. 

Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes – B. Ag Sc

Deputy General Manager – Forestry

For 15 years, Matt Barnes has been a part of the Quintis story. From providing agronomic focus to our plantation management, through to the implementation of our drip irrigation system, Matt successfully oversees large-scale system innovations across the Quintis business. Matt relocated to the Northern Territory six years ago to manage our expansion into Queensland as well as managing all of Quintis' forest agronomy to-date.

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Our Masters contribute to the difference that is Quintis. Find out how we are leading the world in the ethical and sustainable supply of sandalwood through our research and commitment to understanding this unique ingredient.