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From supporting healthy skin function to enhancing flavour profiles and improving focus, scientific research has confirmed what has been instinctively known for millennia: Indian sandalwood (S.album) is a precious botanical, with seemingly limitless potential for health and wellness. For brands seeking to stand out, this is an exciting opportunity to position yourself on the frontier of research and exploration. Through our open culture of co-invention we partner with selected brands, lending technical support and research to drive your new product development.

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An Introduction to the Benefits

We are currently undertaking eight research projects and clinical trials testing sandalwood's performance in emerging areas including neurocosmetics, functional fragrance and well-aging.

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Proving efficacy

8 clinical trials & research programs

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Innovating products

5 product development opportunities under review

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Collaborating wisely

10+ active collaborations with brands and researchers

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Committing to quality

20+ global certifications

Sandalwood Solves 5 Trends

Explore our latest work

From exciting new results around blue-light protection, to brand partnerships and new product releases, explore how we are reimagining sandalwood - find out more below.