To give you peace of mind, we use independent certifications to guide our process, ensuring the quality and purity of Quintis Sandalwood Album®.

Stringent protocols ensure quality at every touch point, from nurturing the natural growth regimen through to exacting processes during oil distillation. 

To govern these processes we work according to international standards for quality (ISO 9001), environment (14,001) and health and safety (AS/NZ 4801). Our range of high quality sandalwood oils and ultra-light fractions (terpenes) are produced and tested to ensure they meet the strict olfactory, chemical and physical standards of the pharmaceutical and fragrance industries (ISO 3518:2002 Sandalwood Oil). Quintis Sandalwood Album® oil is certified Cosmos Natural - a verification of the quality and integrity of the product and its supply chain. 

In 2019 Quintis was accredited as a Trusted Trader under the Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) Program, a trade system administered by Home Affairs with the Australian Border Force. This provides an independent assessment and accreditation of Quintis processes against World Customs Organization Standards. 


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