From Quintis Sandalwood Album® is distilled the purest and most potent oil.  No other sandalwood oil can compare to our quality promise or guarantee of authenticity.

By nurturing and protecting our trees in plantations, and using exceptional standards of quality control including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP, ICH Q7), we have created the world's only pharmaceutical-grade Sandalwood Album oil.

Our stringent protocols ensure quality at every touch point, from nurturing the natural growth regimen through to exacting processes during oil distillation.

This oil is produced at our distillation facility, where we have almost two decades of experience in distilling and distributing sandalwood oil. Our range of high quality sandalwood oils, ultra-light fractions (terpenes) and resins are produced and tested to ensure they meet the strict olfactory, chemical and physical standards of the pharmaceutical and fragrance industries.


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