Sandalwood album

The ancient Egyptians understood the power of Sandalwood Album. We are only just beginning to scratch the surface of its potential.

A new beginning

Revered for thousands of years for its wellbeing properties, Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album) is considered the most precious wood and essential oil in the world. Evidence of its use dates back as early as ancient Egypt and, in 1792, it was declared a noble tree by the Sultan in its spiritual home of Mysore, India.

Following decades of exploitation through illegal harvesting, this species now sits on the brink of extinction in the wild. Adulterated and synthesized, it is sold through black markets as a bulk commodity with no guarantee of purity or authenticity, offering little respect to its noble past.

On the brink of extinction

In 1997, we located one of the precious and rare seed sources in Mysore, India. Since then, we have nurtured and protected these noble trees in the lush tropical north of Australia where they mature gracefully with oil-bearing heartwood.

Quintis Sandalwood Album®

After 15 years of care, the end result is our pure breed Quintis Sandalwood Album®. This brand name represents our quality standards and denotes the world’s only trusted source of this wellbeing super ingredient.

Nature's wellbeing

We are reawakening the world to the ubiquitous power of our wellbeing super-ingredient in pharmaceuticals, skincare, flavourings and wellbeing applications.

Treating skin conditions

Our pharmaceutical-grade oil is being evaluated in research and clinical studies in Australia and the US.

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Augmenting mental and physical wellbeing

Our Sandalwood Album is endorsed by global experts and spiritual leaders for its therapeutic ability to enhance mind, body and spirit.

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Enhancing flavour and fragrance

Sandalwood Album is the ultimate natural fixative and enhancer for the world's finest fragrances, and flavour research and development.

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Our Story

Our journey began twenty years ago.

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