Every piece of every tree has a noble purpose. Cultivated for over 15 years in Australia’s pristine tropical north, Sandalwood Album defines a new grade.

At the centre of the Sandalwood Album tree is an oil-bearing heartwood that is used to create fragrant jewellery, exquisite carvings, ceremonial items for worship and furniture that is prized across the globe.

We grade our Sandalwood Album logs according to form, size and the amount of heartwood they contain. Logs with good dimensions and premium heartwood are separated and dried under controlled conditions to produce Manufacturing Logs. These can then be used to make premium jewellery, prayer beads, traditional medicine, carvings and furniture.

We also create a range of chip and powder products from the remaining heartwood, sapwood and the spent charge that is produced after distillation, ensuring that no part of this noble tree is wasted.

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