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Quintis Limited and its Australian subsidiaries under external administration

Please refer to the "Administration and Receivership News" page for further information (including information for MIS growers and other investors).

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Augmenting Yoga: Where science meets scent

Global experts in yoga and aromatherapy explore the potential of Sandalwood Album to relax the mind, helping yogis to reach new spiritual heights.

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Reawakening the world

We are discovering new and truly unique potential across global markets, slowly reawakening the world to the ubiquitous wellbeing properties of Sandalwood Album.

Quintis Sandalwood Album

Nature's two thousand year old wellbeing super-ingredient.



Where you can explore the latest developments about our wellbeing super-ingredient, Sandalwood Album.

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Our story

The world's first and only sustainable supply of an endangered species with a history spanning over 2000 years.

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