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Heartwood Chips

These natural sandalwood chips are created from pure Indian Sandalwood heartwood. Logs are de-sapped and de-barked prior to chipping, unlocking their rich fragrance during the process.

The chips are generally chipped to a size of approximately 10 mesh, however for larger orders we can customise to your specific requirements.


Known for its calming properties, sandalwood has been used for centuries in different cultures. Pure Indian sandalwood chips retain the aromatic, woody scent that sandalwood is known for.

A wellbeing ingredient

Chips are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat a range of ailments. They are also used in religious practices: Sandalwood is used as incense for worship and meditation in Buddhism, and is believed to elevate a worshipper’s spiritual awareness and bring them close to Buddha. In Hindu and Jain traditions, sandalwood paste is applied to the body for purification, and to cleanse ceremonial idols and statues. Find out more about TCM and Religious uses below.