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With 20 years’ experience distilling and distributing sandalwood oil, Quintis has created a range of quality oils with different olfactory profiles via unique blending and processing methods. Our team of chemists work directly with clients to meet their specific olfactory and chemical requirements.

Sandalwood Oil Specifics

Want to know the specifics about our oils? Download our Indian and Australian sandalwood oil fact sheets.

Sandalwood Oil Specifications & Certifications

Indian Sandalwood Oil
Quintis Indian Sandalwood Oil
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Australian Sandalwood Oil
Quintis Australian Sandalwood Oil
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Often described as 'liquid gold', nearly half of all fragrances contain luxurious sandalwood oil.

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Indian Sandalwood Oil

Also known as Santalum album, White sandalwood or East Indian Sandalwood, Indian sandalwood is considered the most luxurious of all sandalwood oils. Comprised of 125 structural compounds, our oil is 100% pure and natural, steam distilled at our facility from our plantation-grown Indian sandalwood. We are proud to supply Indian sandalwood oil that meets British Pharmacopoeia standards.


Australian Sandalwood Oil

Our Australian sandalwood oil (known as Santalum spicatum or Fusanus spicatus) is steam distilled at our distillation facility. Quintis is also the leading supplier of organic Australian sandalwood oil. We proudly work in collaboration with the Government of Western Australia's Forest Products Commission to ensure a sustainable and ethical supply of Australian sandalwood oil.


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Endless possibilities

The proven therapeutic benefits of sandalwood oil have created demand in a variety of sectors. Sandalwood oil can be used in aromatherapy to calm the mind, as a beauty product to repair skin damage, in soaps, lotions, perfumes and shampoos, and as a food flavour.

We are currently conducting our own clinical trials to understand more about this precious ingredient. Discover the many benefits of sandalwood and find out how we can support your needs and applications.