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Humble Beginnings
to Visionaries

From humble beginnings in the north of Australia, Quintis has dedicated the last 20 years to the growing, management and sustainable harvesting of Indian sandalwood (also known as Santalum album). In 1999, we planted the first Indian sandalwood trees. In 2008, we acquired Mount Romance Australia, where we now process and distil Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) oil. Today, Quintis is truly a global leader in the supply of sandalwood raw materials. 

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Proudly Australian, we have secured the future of India sandalwood by using seeds sourced from the area previously known as the Kingdom of Mysore in India; planting them in the tropical north of the country which is in the same equatorial zone as that part of India. This means that the conditions are perfect for this species to flourish.

The Global Home
of Sandalwood

Our Indian sandalwood plantation estate is the largest in the world, spanning over 9,000 hectares and home to more than 3.5 million trees. A custom-built, 60,000 square metre distillation facility allows us to gently steam distil the fragrant and luxurious heartwood oil. We also distil pure Australian Sandalwood oil, sustainably sourced through the West Australian Forest Products Commission.

We embrace the Australian spirit of innovation, advancing and adapting technology to create the best, most stable outcomes. Our natural and rigorous tree breeding program creates trees with up to 18% greater growth and yields of heartwood.

We are proud to supply Indian sandalwood oil that meets British Pharmacopoeia standards. But it doesn’t stop there – we also supply globally certified sandalwood logs, wood chips and powder.

Quintis never uses growth hormones or stimulants, ensuring our products are 100% natural.


An Ethical and
Sustainable Choice

We care about the environment, our community and our people. We are advocates for fair and sustainable work practices, and consider the environment and communities we operate in. Our continued commitment to reducing our carbon footprint is paramount to our success and the future of our planet.


Invention. Customisation. Transparency.

The Quintis difference extends to our innovative approach to working with this beautiful natural product. Custom-made technology and machinery allow us to harvest and process Indian sandalwood like no one else. Every product is completely traceable, providing complete transparency. From Paris to Shanghai, our global team can tell you when and where the trees were planted, and the processes they have been through in their journey to you.

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From products to formulations, Quintis provides sustainable supplies of nature's wellbeing ingredient.