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The Home of Sandalwood

At Quintis, we work closely with like-minded partners whose values are closely aligned with our own. Values such as transparency, sustainability, and quality are what underpin our business. Inspired by our muse - sandalwood - we work with our partners to showcase the true capabilities of this powerful and versatile wellbeing ingredient. 
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About Time We Met


With a mission to showcase the full capabilities of Indian sandalwood as a potent active ingredient, About Time We Met features our Indian sandalwood across the full suite of nine products including the following: Naturally Brilliant Oil, AHA Clay Mask, Repair Serum, Radiance Serum, Restore Night Cream, Refreshing Mist, Glow Day Cream, Foaming Cleanser and Cream Cleanser. 

"At About Time We Met we want to raise the standard of skincare to consider the bigger picture: the holistic wellbeing of our friends and the planet. This means we are inclusive, we only use ethical, efficacious, and natural ingredients and champion the skin our consumers are in, rather than setting unrealistic beauty standards. We chose to use sandalwood as our hero ingredient across the range because it is a natural active ingredient with multi-faceted benefits for the skin and mind. This tied in perfectly with our brand values and delivered the natural desired skin and wellness results we were after."

- Product Manager, About Time We Met


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Daisy Sky

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HANA Organic


HANA Organic is a Japanese cosmetic brand born from the desire to "help all women to be themselves". From the perspective of holistic care, the brand offers products that are not only functional but also feature a relaxing fragrance.

Our Indian sandalwood has been utilised in the Zuko Luminizer. This multi-use highlighter was inspired by "Zukoh", which was used in Buddhism to purify the body. The gentle scent of sandalwood relaxes and adds luster to the skin.

"When we were searching for high quality "Rosan Sandalwood" (the Japanese word for genuine sandalwood album originally from Mysore, India) we came across Quintis' Heartwood powder. We put our trust in its high quality, thorough management/quality control system and decided to use it as the key ingredient in this new product".

- Ms. Hayashida, Founder, HANA Organic


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Wild Coast Perfumery 


Wild Coast Perfumery is an artisan, niche fragrance house. Using beautiful Canadian locations as inspiration for their natural eau de perfumes, they traditionally blend using only pure, plant-based essential oils and absolutes from around the world, along with tinctures from gently, sustainably harvested needles, leaves, flowers, buds, and lichen from their Vancouver Island forests and their own island garden. Natural, free from any synthetics or phthalates, and 100% vegan.

Wild Coast blend approximately 30 plant ingredients in each of their recipes with our Sandalwood being used in varying degrees across Saltspring, Whistler, Tofino, Tribune Bay, Jasper, Cowichan Rose, Island Wildflower eau de perfumes. 

“When we created our perfume brand there were certain key factors that we knew we could not compromise on. Firstly our fragrances had to be natural, without any greenwashing. We wanted to be transparent so we were one of the first brands to publish our ingredients online, we wanted our perfumes to move into the 21st century while still using traditional perfume creation methods - so our perfumes are vegan. Finally, but most importantly being mindful of the sustainability of our products was very important. So, this is why we so very proudly use Quintis Sandalwood and admire Quintis’ ethos and standards. “ 

- Laurie Arbuthnot, Founder, Wild Coast Perfumery


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RHR Luxury Home Fragrance


RHR Fragrance is a niche, luxury home fragrance brand based in the United States. Their laboratory and design studio are based in New York City, where they formulate and compound their own fragrance blends, and manufacture candles, room sprays and diffusers. Combining the luxurious and rare with the classic and traditional to create perfume formulations based on and inspired by seminal, high-perfumery techniques that remain the pillars of world-class perfumery.

Conducting their own R&D allows them to select, verify and test raw materials, and dose them not only to create the designed aromatic profile, but to also maintain their own high standards of safety for the intended use of our products. Throughout the entire process they remain truthful to the craft and loyal to their vision, while adhering to traceable, responsible and sustainable sourcing.

“I chose to work with Quintis for all my sandalwood accords because their philosophy aligns with our core principles of caring for our planet, aside from being simply exquisite. I consider their sandalwood products to be precious gifts of Nature, product of millions of hours of work and dedication, and as such they shine on their own, but they belie remarkable abilities to support and provide bloom to other rare perfumery materials in our blends. These wonderful capabilities make them a staple in our perfumer’s organ.” - Founder, Riccardo Halac-Ruggeroni.


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American Society of Perfumers


Together with the prestigious American Society of Perfumers (ASP), we invited perfumers across the globe to create a fragrance that made Indian sandalwood the hero, in our perfume competition, Sandalwood Reimagined.

Perfumers tested their creativity and craft, inspired by our muse, Indian sandalwood. Fragrance submissions were judged under rigorous conditions and blindly assessed by a panel of professional perfumers from the American Society of Perfumers.

The partnership provided the ASP and Quintis with the opportunity to focus on both younger apprentice perfumers and experienced global perfumers and re-introduce an ancient botanical to the perfumer’s palette.

“The American Society of Perfumers’ mission is to uphold and promote high standards of perfumery. We were thrilled to partner with them on the competition, which celebrated the art of perfumery and an ancient, prized ingredient, that has a long-established and fascinating history in the art of perfumery,” Vanessa Ligovich, Chief Marketing Officer, Quintis Sandalwood.



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Clipeum Pharma


Philippe is an M.D. and Board-Certified Dermatologist from Nantes University, France, and the founder of Clipeum Pharma.

Philippe has more than 20 years of experience as a dermatologist in the pharma industry, most recently as a member of the executive team at Galderma/Nestlé Skin Health. He has a wealth of experience encompassing early and late-stage developments, scientific communication, and medical affairs, with a particular interest in natural products.

Philippe currently acts as a consultant to Quintis for skincare and personal care.


New York Institute of Aromatherapy 


The New York Institute of Aromatherapy was founded by Amy Galper- Aromatherapist, Author, and Clean Beauty Product Developer, and was the first Aromatherapy School in NYC. Amy has been a Certified Aromatherapist since 2001, and as a member of Credo Beauty’s Clean Beauty Council, Amy is a passionate advocate, entrepreneur, formulator, and consultant in clean beauty and wellness.

She is a guest lecturer at New York University, Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism, and has featured and presented as an essential oil expert in countless conferences, expos, publications, and media events.

Amy partnered with us throughout 2022 to write a series of thought leadership articles and trend reports about the aromatherapy industry. In addition to this, we worked with Amy to create a range of aromatherapy blends based on the latest market trends.


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