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During November, Quintis completed their 7th annual harvest which occurred across 101 hectares of Indian sandalwood plantations. Since Quintis’ first harvest in 2013, over 500 hectares of Indian sandalwood (also known as Santalum album) has been harvested.

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Specialised equipment, bespoke to Quintis Sandalwood, was used in the harvest. The process of this event included the felling of trees, and the extraction (also known as coring) of the stump and root-ball (also known as the butt).

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In addition to physical harvesting, data is collected during each harvest which provides key insights to the improvement of forestry performance during future harvests. This information allows us to continuously build our knowledge and understanding of the species and also how to grow the best quality wood for our investors. It also allows us to provide quality information to all the teams involved in the growing, management and processing of our sandalwood and how to improve future harvests.

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