See the latest presentation by TFS subsidiary Santalis Pharmaceuticals to the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference held in San Francisco.

Santalis is uniquely situated as a dermatology-focused pharmaceutical company:

  • Proprietary drug substance with sole source supply and significant market protection.

  • Broad biological activity with both disease-specific targets (il-4, il-17, pde4, etc.) and multiple mechanisms of action - applicable to numerous clinical applications.

  • Wide range of high value target clinical indications, many of which have no current RX treatment.

  • Portfolio of late stage clinicals - numerous shots on goal.

  • Diversification into global otc product markets.

Based on comparable valuations for companies at this stage of development, Santalis’ attributes would suggest a valuation in the us$300-$500m range, with significant upside upon progress of its clinical trials through Phase 3 and registration stages.

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