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A Multi-Functional,
Therapeutic Ingredient

The value of Indian Sandalwood in the holistic practice of aromatherapy goes far beyond its woody, evoking scent. Long revered for its ability to calm the mind, recent studies have shed light on the science behind this natural phenomenon. When the alpha santalol content in the tree’s oil is absorbed through the skin, scientists have observed a reduction in eye blink rate, pulse rate and systolic blood pressure –all common markers of an overstimulated nervous system1. Further research identified that, when inhaled, this same content induces a state of relaxation, particularly during a stressful experience2,3, 4.

Whether used in a diffuser, burnt as incense, or applied topically to the skin the therapeutic benefits of Indian sandalwood can be deeply felt. 

Essential oils and aromatherapy are set to infiltrate the wellness and beauty markets as an increased consumer interest in holism and wellbeing continues to drive self-care and functional fragrance trends.

Amy Galper
Aromatherapist, Author, Clean Beauty Product Developer

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The Benefits of Indian Sandalwood

Reduces Anxiety


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Indian Sandalwood Oil

Indian sandalwood oil’s benefits extend beyond the nose - its concentrated alpha santalol content exhibits therapeutic properties when absorbed through the skin.

Our oil is 100% pure and natural containing only oil distilled from Australian grown, Indian sandalwood heartwood.


Gently steam-distilled in our Albany distillery.


Sandalwood oil has a 'liquid gold' appearance - a clear, pale yellow to colourless slightly viscous liquid.


Indian sandalwood contains the highest level of beta santalol compared to other species of sandalwood. The compound is believed to be the powerhouse behind Indian sandalwood’s fragrant properties. Alpha santalol is said to be responsible for the therapeutic nature of the oil and beta santalol gives Indian sandalwood its beautiful olfactory profile.

41–55% alpha santalol
16-24% beta santalol

Odour Profile

True sandalwood character, nuttiness sustained through the whole chord; dry-down is tenacious, sweet and woody.

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Functional Fragrance

To reveal the full aromatic impact of Indian sandalwood, we must first understand the connection between cognitive function (the brain) and the olfactory system (sense of smell). The mind-soothing effect of this warm, woody fragrance is no placebo – the tree’s oil has been used for thousands of years to bring tranquility and relieve anxiety, with modern-day studies confirming the abilities of the alpha santalol in the oil in calming the central nervous system.

Able to deliver scientific benefits through a sought-after scent, it’s no surprise Indian Sandalwood is coveted within the cosmetic and skincare sector. “Aromas that come from the wood and bark of trees like sandalwood are currently being featured more in beauty and skincare products” explains aromatherapy expert, best-selling author and clean beauty developer, Amy Galper.

“As beauty and skincare products begin to integrate the concepts of wellness and deeper meaning into their formulations, by telling the stories of the ingredients and where they are sourced from, the scent of the products is no longer seen as just an aesthetic flourish. Instead, scent has meaning as well.”


Quintis produce the highest quality oils based on over 20 years’ distillation experience.

We have obtained over 20 Australian and international certifications and our oils meet strict British Pharmacopeia and International Fragrance Association standards. Our certifications testify that our vertically integrated process delivers to the highest standard.

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