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A Natural Enhancer 

With its royal status and rich history, Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) has long been a revered ingredient offering a myriad of fragrance and wellness benefits. However, it has now found a renewed place in flavour offering a range of unique benefits. Sandalwood can add longevity of flavour to the tastebuds, whilst also enhancing flavours and providing greater complexity. You will find it in modern creations from Michelin Star chef, Heston Blumenthal’s famous Sandalwood Negroni to Sainsbury’s iconic hot cross buns and Wilderton’s unique gin blends.

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A Modern Take on
a Historic Ingredient 

Indian cuisine has long recognised the importance of smell in the way we taste our food. Today, chefs throughout the world are pushing the limits of what’s possible in dining and becoming more invested in the emerging field of “neurogastronomy” - the notion that what is appreciated in the mouth is created by the brain. Chefs recognise that flavour is more powerful than taste because it involves all the senses and can conjure up memory, nostalgia and different moods.

The Benefits of Indian Sandalwood in Flavour

Indian sandalwood is a versatile ingredient with aromatic, therapeutic and digestive benefits. Discover how to transform your next culinary creation with the benefits below. 

Natural Fixative

Indian sandalwood extends the aroma of other flavouring ingredients.

The subtle tone and fixative property of Indian sandalwood can also add an elusive attribute of “length” to foods and beverages. 

Flavour Enhancer

Indian sandalwood oil is registered as a flavouring agent in many regions.

As with fragrance, Indian sandalwood adds a warm and long-lasting base note. 

The aroma profile is described as diffusive, powdery, floral, lactonic, sweet and woody. 

Wellness Booster

With a long history of use as a flavour in Ayurvedic medicine, Indian sandalwood is considered a cooling and grounding flavour that helps to balance the mind and body. It is also well known and proven for its aromatherapy benefits including reducing anxiety and calming the mind.

Adds Complexity

Indian sandalwood brings a distinctive woody and creamy aspect, adding complexity to accompanying ingredients. It also brings a unique and new taste experience to the pallet.

Reduces Sharpness

The rounded flavour of Indian sandalwood brings together all other ingredients, providing balance whilst reducing sharpness with a smooth transition.

Meets Safety Standards

Indian Sandalwood is listed as a safe ingredient with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

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Culinary Fragrance with Sandalwood 

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