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The Scent of Quintis

Coveted for centuries for its aromatic, medicinal and spiritual uses, Indian sandalwood is an iconic perfumery material. Rich in alpha and beta santalol, sandalwood oil's creamy, milky and woody facets offer a timelessness to fragrances in every market.

Our dedication to excellence has withstood the test of time. We utilise our knowledge, experience and innovative techniques to produce premium, sustainable, and 100% fully traceable Indian and Australian sandalwood oil and can customise blends to suit specific olfactory profiles.

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Indian Sandalwood Oil

King of the woods

Indian sandalwood (Santalum album), known as the “king of woods” for its perceived superiority in the sandalwood family, is identifiable by its signature odour: sweet, creamy and woody. It complements most fragrance families including florals, spices, musk’s and ambers. Compared to all other sandalwood, what makes Indian sandalwood the most unique is that it has the highest concentration of alpha and beta santalols, containing 70-90% of the compounds.

Indian sandalwood oil’s benefits extend beyond the nose - its concentrated alpha-santalol content exhibits therapeutic properties when absorbed through the skin.

Our oil is 100% pure and natural containing only oil distilled from Indian sandalwood heartwood.


Quintis Indian sandalwood oil delivers a striking woody base note and acts as a fixative to ensure the longevity of perfume on the skin.

Top note: Sweet, nutty and diffuse
Heart note: Lactonic, slight hay, woody, sweet
Base note: Woody, slightly spicy


Gently steam-distilled in our Albany distillery.


Sandalwood oil has a 'liquid gold' appearance - a clear, pale yellow to colourless slightly viscous liquid.


Indian sandalwood contains the highest level of beta santalol compared to other species of sandalwood. The compound is believed to be the powerhouse behind Indian sandalwood’s fragrant properties. Alpha santalol is said to be responsible for the therapeutic nature of the oil and beta santalol gives Indian sandalwood its beautiful olfactory profile.

41–55% alpha santalol
16-24% beta santalol

Odour Profile

True sandalwood character, nuttiness sustained through the whole chord; dry-down is tenacious, sweet and woody.

Australian Sandalwood Oil

Native Prince

If Indian sandalwood is the king of woods, then Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum, Fusanus spicatus) is the prince. Australian sandalwood is native to semi-arid areas of Southwest Australia. It contains approximately 5-20% beta santalols, which gives it a distinct odour compared to Indian sandalwood.

We proudly work in collaboration with the Government of Western Australia’s Forest Products Commission (FPC) to ensure a sustainable and ethical supply of Australian sandalwood oil.

This oil is used primarily as a base in fragrance formulations.


Whilst retaining the classic woody base note synonymous with sandalwood, Australian sandalwood has a greener, fresher top note than its Indian counterpart.

Top note: Organic, sweet and diffuse
Heart note: Woody, slightly smoky and sweet
Base note: Warm and rich, balsamic and woody


Gently steam-distilled in our Albany distillery.


Sandalwood oil has a 'liquid gold' appearance - a clear, pale yellow to colourless slightly viscous liquid.


15-25% alpha santalol
5-20% beta santalol

Odour Profile

Woody, sweet, and lactonic characteristics complement the warm and rich, slightly herbal fresh lift on top. It has a real sandalwood character through the whole chord, with a tenacious dry-down.

Benefits of Using Indian sandalwood in Fragrance

Natural Fixative

Indian sandalwood has a low vapour pressure which results in zero volatility at ambient conditions, this rare characteristic makes it a natural fixative. When other essential oils with high vapour pressure are blended with Indian sandalwood oil the overall acupressure and subsequent volatility creates an ideal sillage and longevity for fragrance.

Essential Oil Note ° C Minutes Volatility Index at 25° C
Sandalwood Base 142 46 0
Patchouli Base 107 28.5 4
Geranium Heart 95 22.5 90
Orange Top 67 8.5 970

Sophisticated Olfactory Profile

Sandalwood’s molecular structure is unique amongst perfumery’s woody notes. Sesquiterpenes alpha santalol and beta santalol are largely responsible for sandalwood’s fragrance.

Delicate and milky, yet robust and woody; sandalwood is the essential ingredient perfumers use to express a kaleidoscope of emotions and complements most fragrances families including florals, spices, musk's and ambers. 

Functional Fragrance

The benefits of sandalwood extend beyond being a wonderful scent. Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years to calm the mind and relieve anxiety. Studies show that the alpha santalol in sandalwood oil calms the nervous system when inhaled or applied topically.

Sustainable Sandalwood

Our oils are high quality and 100% natural. We don’t use growth hormones or artificial stimulants to stimulate heartwood or oil production, and we don’t genetically modify our products.  We have a full chain of custody and a fully traceable process.

Innovative Distillation

Quintis distils both Indian and Australian sandalwood oils at our distillation facility in Albany, Western Australia.

To enhance our production efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint, Quintis developed and launched a purpose-built Continuous Steam Distillation (CSD) plant in 2021. The CSD plant is now fully automated with ground-breaking technology patented in Australia and China.

The Process

In the Continuous Steam Distillation process, a conveyor system transports chips into the top of the unit where the distillation process starts. The chips are continuously fed and we are able to be 100% efficient with steam use due to the counter current flow of steam verses wood through the system. The spent charge (chip after steam distillation) is removed from the bottom of the unit allowing the distillation to be continuous.

This process has allowed us to become more efficient with A grade sandalwood now taking two days to distil instead of nine. With the ability to produce four times more oil with the same volume of steam, we have reduced Quintis’ water and energy requirements by an astonishing 75%.

Natural vs Synthetic 

Multi-faceted and versatile, natural sandalwood is irreplaceable by synthetics due to its chemical intricacies and unique molecular structure.

Indian sandalwood possesses over 125 chemical compounds which cannot be replicated by artificial synthesis. 

“We let nature do her job and she supplies us with a complex, multifaceted, bioactive ingredient which synthetic materials simply cannot replicate.” Explains Dr Danny Hettiarahchi, Quintis Sandalwoods Technical Product Specialist.

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“Synthetics are like a single note played from a single instrument, whereas Indian sandalwood oil has the effect of a symphony played by an orchestra”

Dr Danny Hettiarachchi, Technical Product Specialist

Samples & Testing

We can supply you with samples of our products for your own testing.
The following documentation is available with each sample:

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Quintis produce the highest quality oils based on over 20 years’ distillation experience.

We have obtained over 20 Australian and international certifications and our oils meet strict British Pharmacopeia and International Fragrance Association standards. Our certifications testify that our vertically integrated process delivers to the highest standard.

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A History of Sandalwood Fragrances

Adored by perfumers globally for its classic woody aroma and fixative properties, sandalwood oil has a history spanning 4,000 years. It is an essential base note, with nearly 50% of perfumes created since 1790 containing sandalwood notes.

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