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Sandalwood for carving - An Unrivalled Wood

For thousands of years, the art of sandalwood carving has been practiced throughout India and China. In China, the first recorded use of Indian Sandalwood in carvings can be traced back to over 1,000 years and in India, it was used to carve the first known sculpture of Buddha in the 6th century BC.

Sandalwood carvings are famous due to the aromatic wood providing the sweet, woody fragrance for many years. Due to the scarcity of the wood, objects made from sandalwood are often the most expensive however, Indian Sandalwood is considered the best quality sandalwood wood to carve.

During the Ming and Qing Dynasty, Indian sandalwood was widely used by the royals for furniture, carvings and handicraft. Ever since then, Indian sandalwood has been highly revered for its associated symbolic significance – even today, Indian sandalwood displays exquisite taste and high social status.

Adored for centuries

Discover how our Indian sandalwood logs are used across other industries, in addition to furniture and carvings.