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A Significant History

Known as Chandana in India, sandalwood has been used in several religious practices for centuries in the form of carvings and applied to the body for purification purposes. When Buddha passed away in 543BC, it is said that his body was cremated on a bed of sandalwood, enhancing the well-known belief that sandalwood elevates the user’s spirituality.

In recent times yoga and meditation have introduced incense culture to the Western world where sandalwood, together with other natural herbs, is burnt as incense to elevate and encourage holistic healing.

Using our Indian sandalwood powder, pastes to be applied to the body and incense sticks are able to be rolled; we can create powder in the particle sized best suited to your needs. Logs can be used to create carvings and our wood chips are also able to be customised depending on your requirements.

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We can supply you with samples of our products for your own testing.

The following documentation is available with each sample:

  • Certificate of analysis
  • Customer supply specifications
  • Safety data sheet
  • Specification sheet
  • Traceability certificate

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Quintis produce the highest quality oils based on over 20 years’ distillation experience.

We have obtained over 20 Australian and international certifications and our oils meet strict British Pharmacopeia and International Fragrance Association standards. Our certifications testify that our vertically integrated process delivers to the highest standard.

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