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About Time We Met is a first-of-its-kind range of products that breaks new ground using Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) as the hero ingredient. We created this gender-neutral, science-led range as a demonstration of Indian sandalwood's potent efficacy, and the consumer studies we conducted stand as proof that it works.

Skincare Centuries
in the Making

About Time We Met is a groundbreaking Australian-made sandalwood wellbeing skincare range, inspired by nature and science. A union that creates results without harm.

The most compelling thing about the range is that the hero ingredient, Indian sandalwood, is supported by centuries of historic use and modern-day research. Data shows it has effective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tyrosinase, anti-microbial and mind calming properties, and the consumer studies conducted on two of the products support this. 

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This range is currently available on the About Time We Met website for consumers to purchase. It is also available as a white label, licensed formulation or bulk purchase opportunity. For more information complete this form and one of our BDM's will reach out to provide more information.

The Range – Clever. Conscious. Natural.

The range hits many of the key trends in the skincare space. Each of the products is 98-100% natural, dermatologically tested, and hypoallergenic. The range is PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan, and we use FSC-certified and post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic packaging.

This range also showcases the capabilities of sandalwood oil and powder in varying doses to demonstrate its potent active properties.  


Naturally Brilliant Oil
5% Sandalwood Oil

Atmw Product Image Glow Day Cream 507X507 Transparent 1

Glow Day Cream
2% Sandalwood Oil

Atmw Product Image Glow Day Cream 507X507 Transparent

Restore Night Cream
2% Sandalwood Oil

Atmw Product Image Restore Night Cream 507X507 Transparent

Radiance Serum
1% Sandalwood Oil

Atmw Product Image Radiance Serum 507X507 Transparent

Repair Serum
1% Sandalwood Oil

Atmw Product Image Repair Serum 507X507 Transparent

Refreshing Mist
1% Sandalwood Oil

Atmw Product Image Refreshing Mist 507X507 Transparent

Cream Cleanser
0.6% Sandalwood Oil

Atmw Product Image Cream Cleanser 507X507 Transparent 2X

Foaming Cleanser
0.2% Sandalwood Oil

Atmw Product Image Foaming Cleanser 507X507 Transparent

AHA Clay Mask
7% Sandalwood Powder

Atmw Product Image Aha Clay Mask 507X507 Transparent

Intelligent Skincare Backed by Science

About Time We Met conducted studies on two of the hero products - the Naturally Brilliant Oil and the Repair Serum- and the results are impressive:

Atwm Infographicsb

The Benefits of Indian Sandalwood

A multifunctional, active ingredient proven by science to improve skin and calm the mind.
Indian sandalwood helps to:

Qui606014 Icon Sustainable

Reduce signs
of ageing

Qui606014 Icon Bluelight

Protect against
blue light and pollution

Qui606014 Icon Research

Reduce the
appearance of acne

Qui606014 Icon Sun

Brighten and
even skin tone

Reduces Anxiety

Soothe the

Qui606014 Icon Reliable

Calm the

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Our premium sandalwood oil and powder can be customised to your specifications and
be used in a range of personal care applications.