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Quintis Forestry is a specialist Indian sandalwood plantation manager with over 20 years’ experience in nurturing and cultivating this incredible species. From planting to growing through to harvesting, Quintis Forestry delivers industry-leading service to all plantation owners.   ​

​We employ approximately 100 permanent staff across our plantation estates in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. Quintis has the full range of experienced expertise, including professional foresters, agronomists, researchers and agricultural scientists who constantly manage, monitor, research and maintain the health, growth and survival of the plantations. ​


Our key forestry executives have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the unique art of growing and managing Indian Sandalwood. They are responsible for our most innovative solutions including a tree breeding program that delivers up to 18% greater heartwood yields.


Quintis’ custom harvesting equipment is used to harvest over 100 trees an hour. Did you know the stump of the sandalwood tree can contain up to 30% of the total oil in the tree? We developed ‘The Corer’ to remove the sandalwood stumps completely after sandalwood trees are cut down at their base.

Watch how we complete a harvest and see how our bespoke machinery works.

Click here to view our 2021 Harvest page. 

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