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Investor Notice

Important information in relation to the wind-up application of the MIS projects can be viewed on the Sandalwood Properties website –

Important Investor Update

Key Assumptions & Values

Each year an inventory and analysis on each plantation is carried out by Quintis which includes (but not limited to) tree counts and estimated heartwood yield assessment. This critical information is analysed by our research and inventory team.  This information is available to our growers via the Project Performance Assumptions document (see below).

In addition to this, our MIS plantations are assessed by an Independent Expert Forester annually. You can access a copy of the Expert Forester's report which is included in the Project Accounts, located on your project page (select your project).

Quintis is able to provide you with an estimate of the key assumptions and a potential range of the future values of your investment.  In order to obtain this information, please email or contact us on +61 8 6458 4700.

Contact our Grower Team

Contact our Grower Team