An investment in TFS Sandalwood Project 2006 (TFS 2006) is an investment in plantation grown Indian Sandalwood. 

TFS 2006 is a Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) and the Responsible Entity is Sandalwood Properties Ltd (a subsidiary of Quintis). The plantations are managed by Quintis Forestry Ltd. 


Key Project Dates

  • The project was planted between 2006 and 2008 in Kununurra, in the Ord River Irrigation Area of Western Australia. Generally, the trees are harvested when they are around 15 years old. 

  • Quintis is able to provide you with an estimate of the key assumptions and a potential range of the future values of your investment. This is usually available towards the end of each calendar year. In order to obtain this information please click here.

  • Lease & Management Fees are due on the 1st of January each year. We will write to you before your fees are due with your payment options. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (see below) for a full outline of fees and costs. 
  • The plantation insurance period is 01 October to 30 September each year. Quintis will source the insurance cover on behalf of growers and send out insurance offers before the policy begins each year. If you wish to take up insurance cover you will be responsible for providing your payment election to us. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

Financial Statements

Project Accounts

Historical accounts have been archived and are available on request
TFS 2006 Project Accounts - FY20
Download pdf
TFS 2006 Project Accounts - FY19
Download pdf
TFS 2006 Project Accounts - FY18
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Project Documents

Product Disclosure Statement

TFS 2006 Product Disclosure Statement
Download pdf
TFS 2006 Supplementary PDS - 22 November 2006
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ATO Product Ruling

TFS 2006 Product Ruling - PR2006/113
Download pdf
TFS 2006 Product Ruling - PR2006/114
Download pdf
TFS 2006 Product Ruling - PR2006/114 Addendum
Download pdf
TFS 2006 Product Ruling - PR2005/116
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TFS 2006 Product Ruling - PR2005 116/Addendum
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ASIC Benchmark & Disclosure Principles

TFS 2006 ASIC B&DP - 30 August 2019
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Drone Footage

TFS 2006 - Kununurra, Western Australia

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