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Sales & Marketing Services 

To stimulate interest and demand for the forest produce, Quints educates manufacturers and retailers of sandalwood products about the quality of Quints grown Indian sandalwood. Quintis maintains a domestic and international database of all potential buyers. 

Global Presence

Our business is committed to building demand for sandalwood worldwide. We are actively promoting sandalwood in Europe (fragrance), India (worship) and China (Traditional Medicine). While each of these markets have consumed Indian sandalwood for generations, all have acquired little (or no sandalwood) from Australia. 

We have established a global sales and marketing team that is devoted to building awareness and demand for sandalwood. We are present at international trade shows (both virtual and real life) across China, Europe, the US, the Middle East and Japan and we also advertise in global magazines. See photo gallery below for examples.   

Quintis' global presence is illustrated the map below. 

Global Team Map Website June 2021 2
Strategic Corp Signing Ceremony

Quintis signs agreement with China’s largest manufacturer of traditional medicines

In March 2021, Quintis signed a memorandum of understanding with Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceuticals in China. The MOU is a broad agreement to collaborate in China to develop the market for sandalwood as an ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine and potentially other consumer products. The MOU was signed at a ceremony that was conducted over Zoom between Perth and Lanzhou. We were delighted to have representatives from the WA government' (Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development) and Austrade in attendance.

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Quintis Sandalwood in Handicrafts