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Heartwood Chips

Our natural sandalwood chips are created from pure Indian sandalwood heartwood. Logs are de-sapped and de-barked prior to chipping, unlocking their rich fragrance during the process. 

Indian Sandalwood Heartwood Chips offer a wide range of applications from skincare to fragrance and food. Heartwood chips can be blended with other aromatic ingredients and powdered to make incense or distilled to make essential oil or hydrosols for use in fragrance and personal care applications. With its exceptional benefits, this versatile ingredient can elevate your products and provide a unique sensory experience.

The chips are generally chipped to a size of approximately 10 mesh, however, for larger orders, we can customise them to your specific requirements.

Indian Sandalwood Heartwood Chips Specifications & Certifications

Want to know the specifics about our chips? Download our Indian Sandalwood 
Heartwood Chips product fact sheet.

Indian Sandalwood Heartwood Chips

Specifications & Certifications
Quintis Indian Sandalwood Chips
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A Wellbeing Ingredient

Chips are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat a range of ailments. They are also used in religious practices: Sandalwood is used as incense for worship and meditation in Buddhism, and is believed to elevate a worshipper’s spiritual awareness and bring them close to Buddha. In Hindu and Jain traditions, sandalwood paste is applied to the body for purification, and to cleanse ceremonial idols and statues.

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Immerse yourself in the world of sandalwood and discover all there is to know about this versatile ingredient. Our articles will enlighten you on a range of industries keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends that shape these markets and sandalwood's involvement in them.  Be sure to stay informed, inspired and always ahead of the curve.

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Creative Ways to Incorporate Indian Sandalwood into Your Product Line

Discover creative ways to incorporate Indian sandalwood into your product lines. From how to use it as a base note for fragrances to adding it to skincare products for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Find interesting facts about its history and benefits, making it a valuable resource for those interested in natural ingredients. Expand your knowledge and product offerings in the beauty and skincare industry.

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The Powerful Duality of Indian Sandalwood in Beauty Products

By offering innovative products that enhance a consumer's beauty regime, brands can inspire loyalty and create a cult following. Indian Sandalwood is a versatile ingredient with proven scientific benefits and a rich cultural history, renowned for its aromatic and skin-nourishing properties. In our latest article, we highlight the advantages of Indian sandalwood in emerging beauty trends, including Ayurveda, conscious beauty, clean beauty and seed-to-skin to name a few. We also showcases the scientific efficacy of Indian sandalwood and invite cosmetic brands and formulators to try Quintis Sandalwood oil, a versatile natural active that can soothe the skin and calm the mind.

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