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Why do you think it’s important for Quintis to grow Indian sandalwood?

Indian Sandalwood, highly revered for its wood products and the oil extracted from its wood, has an extensive history in many cultures worldwide. In many parts of the world where Indian Sandalwood grows naturally, it has been ‘loved’ to a point of endangerment.

To protect the remaining wild sandalwood and its place in the ecosystem, it is important to cultivate plantation grown Indian sandalwood to meet the demand of a historical market and the growing market demand for wood and oil. With new markets opening, demand will only increase.

Recognising this need, Quintis was one of the earliest companies to establish extensive managed plantations of sandalwood that can supply wood to meet the growing future demand while also protecting the endangered species in the wild through responsible sourcing and sustainability practices.

Why are you passionate about sandalwood?

With an extensive history throughout many cultures of the world, sandalwood has been used for cosmetics, health, and religion. To be involved in the production and blending of oils that can satisfy the most discerning nose in high-end fragrance, through to providing high-quality oils or wood products for religious purposes or Traditional Chinese Medicine, means being part of a history and a future that is both interesting and exciting. The subtle nuances of chemistry and odour in blending oils for a bespoke product through to the handling of dense, rich, and oily heartwood challenges and excites.

We care. Our sandalwood starts with the people, the research, the preparation, the seed, the nurturing, the growing, and the care to bring our sandalwood to its full potential.

Judie Barrow,
Quintis General Manager, Albany

What distinguishes the quality of our sandalwood from others?  

We care. Our sandalwood starts with the people, the research, the preparation, the seed, the nurturing, the growing, and the care to bring our sandalwood to its full potential. We strive to set ourselves apart by harvesting, processing, and manufacturing wood and oil products to a high standard, while maintaining full traceability from the final product back to the harvest area.

Our desire to be better, to do it better, to learn, and to produce the best possible wood and oil products means we set ourselves high standards to achieve.

Where do you see sandalwood in the future?

Sandalwood is full of opportunities and the horizon is limitless. Sandalwood will always retain its historical cultural, religious, and health requirements but innovation in foods, nutrition, health, cosmetics, and wellness open doors for utilising sandalwood in new and exciting ways. 

What do you love about your role at Quintis?

Both my role and sandalwood are ever-evolving. There is always a challenge, an achievement or something new to learn, that keeps it interesting and enjoyable. Working with sandalwood every day, whether that be as wood, or oil, presents its rewards and challenges and encourages you to look for different and better ways to do things.

Having a great team to work with over the years as people have come and gone, (and some have stayed long term) has meant that we work together on the same tasks, achieving the same goals, trying to the best of our ability to produce the best possible products and outcomes. The Albany team is like a big extended family.