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Portraits Layout Final

Fragrance description

The opening accord of spicy black pepper, elemi and sparkling pink pepper positions this scent as unisex. The powdery facet of iris roots confers a velvety texture to the creaminess of the sandalwood, whilst the olibanum brings a mystic feature. A cushion of white musks conveys a “skin on skin” feeling giving an atmosphere of intimacy. At the same time, the backdrop of nagarmotha and vetiver sweetens the trail.


An ingredient often used but not always apparent straight away, sandalwood is intimate, sensual and mysterious. Like a painter with lights and shadows, I used diverse ingredients to emphasise the sandalwood, putting it centre stage while blending it so that it sometimes it feels like it’s hiding- like a  game of hide and seek. Inspired by its oriental origins, I wanted to create an ode to the east.