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Fragrance description

The fragrance was built around a harmony of the soft, warm and cool elements of sandalwood. The cool aspect appears as the fragrance opens with an airy cloud effect of a Eucalyptus seed pod accord, which is brightened by petitgrain, orange bitter oil and a hint of spearmint. Invigorating warm notes of pink pepper, allspice and cardamom create warmth and wrap around the heart of a soft, fruity poivre de cassis accord along with orris and saffron. The highlight of the background is the sandalwood which is then framed by amber, vetiver, fir absolute, tonka and sesame.


I was inspired by an experience of enjoying a small, hidden patch of forest during a trip to Nuesa Forest in Colombia, South America. The sky was bright but filtered by the canopy of trees. The breeze was cool and it carried the scent of fallen eucalyptus pods which smelled of both the characteristic camphoraceous, refreshing notes as well as an unexpected loamy, green, blackcurrant facet. The forest floor was covered with fallen; soft pine needles piled so high that with every step you felt like you were floating. It released a slightly hay-like, earthy, woody aroma which was enveloping. The entire atmosphere was magical and serene invoking both the meditative and the sacred. The fragrance captures this magic and invites the wearer to create some of their own.