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Fragrance description

Carrot seed oil, davana oil and safranal blend in an orris accord to give a coloured, warm and sensual intensity. This is wrapped in a sheer, aqueous, fresh veil of cold spices like cardamom and pink pepper, set on a solid citrus woody back bone to ensure a good linearity and diffusion to the composition. The fragrance translates both the complexity and the very straight forward beauty of sandalwood.


Inspiring, nourishing, essential and pure. What could be more fascinating and beautiful than milk? What could be more precious than sandalwood milk? Sandalwood oil has many facets and I have always been obsessed with its “warm milk” nature, its  nutty side, it being the most noble wood of our palette and the closest to a perfect skin smell. Album is impalpable but present, it surrounds you with a cloud of beauty, freshness and sensuality to accompany you nicely on your journey. Album will complete you.