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Fragrance description

The combination of citrus notes and orange flower immerse you in a bright perfume full of lightness and liberty. It is not a fragrance just with sandalwood, but a fragrance based on sandalwood, this is the main character here and you will smell it at every moment of the perfume.

The different musky and creamy notes will transport the sandalwood to a very comfortable direction which softens even more over time. This perfume will take you on a journey through reimagined perfumery.


I was inspired by the purity of the sandalwood: it is a special wood, both soft and intense, creamy and clean. This desire to relaunch the production of sandalwood in an ethical and responsible way, lets us imagine a new beginning for creation. As we are reimaging sandalwood, I wanted to start with a “blank page” to write its new story, its revival. I created a perfume with raw materials that let me imagine a white universe: musk, orange flower, coconut note… I wanted to put sandalwood at the heart if the creation and to add ingredients that accentuate some facets of the sandalwood.