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In a global market where up to 90% of sandalwood is thought to be illegally harvested, Quintis stands tall as the world's most trusted source of ethical, sustainable and fully traceable Indian sandalwood.

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A Viable Future

In 1999 we sourced Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) seeds from the area previously known as the Kingdom of Mysore, in India, planting the first Indian sandalwood trees in the tropical north of Australia — the ideal climate and conditions for the species to flourish. In doing so we have ensured a viable and sustainable future.

Across a vast 11,000 hectares, the Quintis Indian sandalwood plantation estate is home to more than 4.3 million sandalwood trees - the largest in the world. From seed to final product, our vertically integrated process and full chain of custody means your final product can be traced back to a harvest area within our plantations. 

Your Products

To date we have harvested from our Packsaddle Kununurra plantation. Kununurra’s geographical location is within the same equatorial zone as Southern India and the ideal climate and conditions for this species to flourish. The crop was painstakingly nurtured and tracked over 15 years until ready for harvesting.

During harvesting our rich, oil-bearing heartwood is carefully collected over several weeks by harvesters and sent to our primary processing centre (PPC) in Kununurra where a product batch number is created and linked to a job number. From there the wood is transported to the processing and distillation facility in Albany where our oil is distilled, and product undergoes all quality and supply assurance checks.

We are committed to traceable processes, providing full transparency. From Paris to Shanghai, our global team can tell you when and where the trees were planted, and the process they have been through in their journey to you.

Kingston Rest

Kingston Rest

Plantation Name Plantation Size (Total Hectares)
Plantation 1 376 Ha
Plantation 2 366 Ha
Plantation 3 380 Ha
Plantation 4 325 Ha
Plantation 5 409 Ha
Plantation 6 34 Ha


Plantation Name Plantation Size (Total Hectares)
Airport 282 Ha
Chapmans 150 Ha
Croot 86 Ha
Drovers Rest 99 Ha
Farmhill 154 Ha
HCJB 42 Ha
Ivanhoe East 231 Ha
Kimpton 168 Ha
Leucanena 262 Ha
Mock 201 Ha
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394 Ha
Pioneer 244 Ha
Rogers 64 Ha
RSR 85 Ha
Smith 223 Ha
Voyager 369 Ha
Warringarri 256 Ha

From Seed to Final Product

At Quintis we are proud to provide you with full transparency across every part of our vertically integrated process. We understand that a secure chain of custody from the tree to your door is paramount to your product success. That is why we have established a robust and transparent traceability system, providing peace of mind that your customers deserve.

Our process sets a benchmark for the industry and answers the evolving demand for accountability from consumers. We are proud to be the world’s most trusted source of sustainable, ethical, premium Indian sandalwood.


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