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Earlier this month, Quintis unveiled its brand refresh which includes a new visual identity and brand positioning strategy. This will enable Quintis to enhance its connection with the diverse industries they supply and showcase key elements of their business.

Recognising its unique product offering, the business understood that clients expect a ‘Uniquely Quintis’ experience, drawing upon their Australian roots, scientific rigor, ethical supply and progressive research. These elements have influenced the brand refresh, highlighting the aspects of their Indian (also known as Santalum album) and Australian sandalwood (also known as Santalum spicatum) products.

Quintis’ new visual identify features a cleaner, modern look with a new logo which emphasises their expertise and offering in both Indian and Australian sandalwood, shifting from ‘Quintis Sandalwood Album’ to simply, ‘Quintis Sandalwood’.

The refreshed colour palette draws inspiration from Quintis’ extensive Indian sandalwood plantations and the rugged Australian landscape. From ‘Seedling Green’ through to ‘Dusk Pink’, the new colours reflect the beauty of the sandalwood tree and its environment, whilst playing to the clinical and modern industries Quintis supplies.

As the sustainable and ethical supply of sandalwood is a core element of the Quintis’ brand, this refresh also allows the company to showcase their commitment to this natural well-being ingredient via their new-look website. The website plays host to research, industry insights and news, including Quintis’ expert understanding of the sandalwood genus and its 15 unique species, making them truly a leader in all things sandalwood.

“Overall, this allows us to leverage our position within the market as the expert in all-things-sandalwood and provides a clearer understanding of our different product offerings”, Quintis CEO, Richard Henfrey said. “This brand update simply allows us to better communicate to our clients who we are and what we do” he continued.

To develop its new strategy, Quintis worked in conjunction with the Board and Executive teams whilst being supported by creative agency strategists and designers. From today, the brand refresh will be evident across all Quintis owned channels and collateral, including its website, social media platforms and advertising.

“After 20 years in market, our clients have evolved and so have we. Our new brand acknowledges our growth, the growth of the industries we support, and the value of these connections”, Chief Marketing Officer, Raj Kandiah said.

“With our new visual identity, we are excited to provide clients with a ‘Uniquely Quintis’ experience and continue to offer our expertise in all things sandalwood. Essentially, sandalwood is our world, and we’re the leaders in it, and now everyone can experience sandalwood from our perspective”, said Kandiah.

To view the updated Quintis brand, continue exploring the new-look website or engage with the brand on social media via Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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