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Why We're
World Leaders

Quintis owns and manages the world’s largest Indian sandalwood plantation spanning over 12,000 hectares across northern Australia. We are a specialist plantation manager with over 20 years’ experience in nurturing and cultivating sustainable and legal Indian sandalwood (also known as Santalum album).

Our expertise in growing, maintaining and harvesting Indian sandalwood has allowed Quintis to become the industry leader in managing sandalwood plantations, attracting investments from leading global institutions. Years of production know-how enable us to extract the best possible value from our sandalwood plantations. We not only grow sandalwood trees; we also produce high quality wood products and pharmaceutical grade Indian Sandalwood oil. These products are sold to leading brands across the globe.

An investment in Quintis provides investors with direct ownership of Indian sandalwood tree plantations and first-class sandalwood plantation management delivered by our experienced team, who aim to provide investors with industry-leading growth, yields and returns.


Our vertically integrated business model covers all aspects of the value chain, including cultivation, harvesting, processing and end-product distribution.

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What is Sandalwood?

Sandalwood derives its value from the heartwood encased within its trunk, butt and major branches. Yellow-brown to red in colour, it contains the elixir coveted by so many – sandalwood oil – which gives the tree its value either as timber or as oil. Both the wood and oil produce a distinctive fragrance, which has been highly valued for centuries.


Our Forestry Management Experience

We employ 100 permanent employees working on our sandalwood plantation estates in Queensland, Northern Territory, and Western Australia. Quintis has a wide range of expert knowledge, with professional foresters, agronomists, researchers, and agricultural scientists who constantly manage, monitor, study, and maintain the health, development, and survival of our world-class Australian sandalwood plantations.


Existing Investors

If you already have an investment with Quintis, please select your investment type below to access information applicable to your investment.

  • MIS Retail Growers - Retail investment offering issued via a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) in a registered Managed Investment Scheme (MIS).
  • HNW Investors - High Net Worth (HNW) or Sophisticated investment designed for 'Sophisticated Investors' (as defined by the Corporations Law). 
  • Institutional Investors - Institutional investor with direct ownership of plantations.
  • Shareholders & Noteholders

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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Quintis recognises the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and how the Company can contribute and benefit our key stakeholders as well as the wider community by engaging proactively in these areas. ESG programs create short and long term value and Quintis is integrating these programs throughout the organisation.

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